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Mulch Delivery

Are you interested in doing your own mulch this year? Kirk's Lawn Care can deliver black dyed and brown root mulch to your property. We do NOT load customer vehicles. Mulch is sold by delivery only.

Minimum of 5 yards delivered within 5 miles of Limerick, PA for free delivery

5 Mile Free Delivery Mulch Delivery

FREE DELIVERY - No minimum quantity or location limitations for current mowing customers.

Our Mulch

Black mulch Brown root mulch

Black dyed triple-shredded mulch

SALE: $29.00 per cubic yard Reg: $35.00 per cubic yard
SALE: $18.00 per 1/2 cubic yard Reg: $22.00 per 1/2 cubic yard
*plus taxes and applicable delivery fees

Brown root triple-shredded mulch (no dyes) SOLD OUT
$33.00 per cubic yard
$21.00 per 1/2 cubic yard
*plus taxes and applicable delivery fees

Sale prices not valid on mulch installation. Delivery only. Limited time offer.

Don't Want To Do The Mulch Yourself?

Contact us today for a Free Estimate onĀ spring/fall cleanup and mulching services.

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