Let Us Carry-Out, Pick-up and Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Kirk Brown

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Giving Back

Schedule Kirk's Lawn Care to carry-out, pick-up and recycle your undecorated cut Christmas tree after this New Year's. In cooperation with GreenAllies, a non-profit organization that runs and maintains the Althouse Arboretum in Pottstown, your picked-up Christmas tree will be chipped by Upper Pottsgrove Township and spread over 1 mile of trails on the grounds of this public environmental education center. We will be scheduling appointments for tree carry-outs and pick-ups the first week of January. There is a minimum donation of $10.00 for tree carry-out and/or pick-up and a minimum $5.00 donation for each additional tree carry-out and/or pick up on the same visit. One hundred percent of the donations go to the GreenAllies organization to fund projects and programs at the Althouse Arboretum.

Pick-ups must be within the Kirk's Lawn Care service area.

Thank you for all who participated in 2018. We hope to offer this again next year!

What is the Althouse Arboretum?

The Althouse Arboretum is poised to become one of the most unique environmental centers on the East Coast. Under the leadership of the nonprofit GreenAllies, the arboretum was created using student led designs, encouraging and supporting leadership and self-direction in students of all ages and with the help of community members. The Arboretum has already blazed over 1 mile of trails, cleared a space for Zen gardens, designed a children’s forest , built an outdoor classroom, planted gardens, started a trail to display how native trees and shrubs can co-exist with power lines and will be installing handicapped gardens. The arboretum sponsors numerous children and community programs. The arboretum is funded solely by donations and community contributions.

The Arboretum is located at:
1794 Gilbertsville Rd
Pottstown, Pennsylvania

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