Kirk Named January Volunteer of the Month at Althouse Arboretum

Kirk Brown

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Giving Back

Kirk Brown first learned about GreenAllies and the Althouse Arboretum on Facebook less than two years ago and reached out to see how he could help.  His initiation to GreenAllies was when he became one of the volunteers who helped with the initial demolition work on our farmhouse.  He continued to help by planting trees and clearing trails and most recently used his lawn care business equipment and expertise to help create our new addition to the Children’s Forest Trail.  On January 7th, Kirk donated the use of his time and resources to help collect trees from residents for our Christmas Tree Recycling Day.  All this on top of being one of the Althouse Arboretum’s sponsors!

Kirk started Kirk’s Lawn Care business at an early age at 12!  He is proud to market his business as a “tech-savvy approach to land care” and has been working in the region ever since.

If he is not working on his business, Kirk enjoys running with the Sly Fox Track Club in Pottstown and competes in several races each year.

“I strongly agree with the principles of GreenAllies to educate others on the environment.  I look forward to the continued success of GreenAllies and the Althouse Arboretum.  I will continue to help and support the arboretum whenever possible.”  And we are grateful. Thanks Kirk.

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