3 Reasons To Mow Your Lawn Until Frost

Kirk Brown

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Landcare DIY,

It's early fall and you think your lawn mowing may be coming to an end. Depending upon the weather, you may be wrong! Generally, grass doesn't slow its growth until the daily high temperature falls below 50°F. Grass stops growing after the first hard frost. Frequent mowings until the grass stops growing will help prepare your lawn for the winter.

3 Reasons To Continue Mowing Your Lawn

  1. Prevents Diseases - Having your lawn go into winter short will help prevent common lawn diseases such as snow mold
  2. Prevents Pests - Longer grass gives shelter to field mice and other burrowing pests that can damage your lawn
  3. Chops Up Leaves and Clippings - Mulches and shreds leaves and clippings on your lawn. It is good for your lawn and saves time having to rake

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