One High School Was A Little More Festive Over The Holidays

Kirk Brown

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Giving Back

Kirk's Lawn Care donated a custom holiday sign to the Owen J. Roberts High School

After weeks of working with school administration and a sign shop, on November 25th 2019, Kirk dropped off a new custom-made holiday sign for the high school hallway. The student and staff response has been overwhelming positive and will provide extra holiday spirit for decades to come.

How It Started

Kirk Brown, an alumni of Owen J. Roberts High School, started the annual tradition of decorating the school hallways for the holiday season when he was a student in 2009. Kirk used to gather hanging holiday signage that was thrown out every year from retail stores in the area. That signage was then hung in the halls each year during the month of December to boost holiday spirit. This tradition has continued ever since, long after Kirk graduated.

The Need For Something New

The same original signage that Kirk donated in 2009 has been used annually ever since. The signs were meant to be thrown away each year at the retail stores where Kirk got them. They were made out of a flimsy polystyrene material that bends and wrinkles easily. Those signs have become damaged over the years beyond repair. They were also very generic and not school specific.

Kirk reached out to school administrators to pitch the idea of replacing them along with some sign designed. With their support, the new signs were created. These new signs are made out of durable and thick pvc and should last for decades.

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