5 Reasons Winter Is The Best Time To Plan The Year's Gardening

Kirk Brown

Thursday, January 25, 2018

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It’s cold, drab and sometimes snowy. You may be envisioning warm, sunny drives with your windows down right now. However, if you're an avid gardener, you may be dreaming of colorful, beautiful blooms in your summer garden. Why wait until then? Begin planning this year’s garden now!

5 reasons to start planning your garden now

  1. Reflect and Write
    Sit down and reflect on this past year’s garden performance. You can even do it on a snow day! What did you like and dislike about your landscape? Were there any blooms you thought under-performed? Are there any dead plants to be removed? What could use some pruning? Are there plants or shrubs that are too big for the area? Were there any problem areas in your landscape? Were there any areas that were exceptionally bad with weeds or pests? What can you do to reduce weeds or pests? Can I decrease or expand certain beds to make garden chores quicker or easier? How does my landscape attract or repel wildlife? How can I make my yard more usable? Really dive deep into thought and jot it all down. This analysis will help you create your ultimate landscape.​
  2. Research and Plan
    After reflection, research and plan solutions to any issues you may have experienced this past year. Look into new plants that can be sprinkled into your garden. Look for smaller shrub alternatives to replace large shrubs that are too big for their place. What can you add to your yard to entertain guests at your next backyard barbecue? Search for new tools that can make garden chores easier and quicker. If you are looking to add a new bed, browse pintrest, landscaping blogs or garden magazines for inspiration you can incorporate into your yard. Write down a gardening schedule telling you what to do when. This can include things such as when to fertilize, when to deadhead flowers and when cut back certain plants. A gardening schedule will help take some of the stress out of gardening chores.
  3. Clearance, Clearance, Clearance!
    Many garden retailers clearance out discontinued tools, pots, decor items, and garden supplies in winter to make room for new items that are coming for spring. You can sometimes snag steals as much as 75% off or more on clearance items. Stock up on what you use often in the garden or replace worn out items such as tools or pottery. Did you know many garden center sales decline in the winter? It is their off-season and they are desperately looking for shoppers. Sometimes they will offer storewide sales and deep discounts after Christmas. Have you been eyeing up a fountain or other big purchase for a while? Ask the store manager if they can discount it further if you buy it right now. Leverage your shopper power during the winter months.
  4. Ship Those Savings with Mail-Order Catalogs
    Brick and mortar garden centers are not the only ones that offer deep winter discounts. Be sure to check out mail order catalogs and websites for winter promotions. Bulbs, plants, garden supplies and tools can all be purchased from your phone or computer and shipped to your door. Like garden retailers, winter is usually a slow time of the year for mail-order catalogs. They often run great promotions that are catalog-wide. If what you want isn't on sale, give them a call and ask if they have any sale or shipping promotions they can offer you.
  5. Hire A Professional Now If Needed
    Are you looking to have a patio installed? How about all of your beds re-designed? If you are looking to have a project completed by a professional, winter is the perfect time to contact them and get the ball rolling. Landscapers often have time in the winter to craft landscape designs and quote projects. Plus you will likely get an earlier project date should you choose to proceed. Don't wait until spring to contact a professional! They may be booked for months by then. The earlier the better!

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